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Antonio Silvestro right after having being involved in the Erasmus + project in Latvia as ‘Solidary Corp’ volunteer helping children of the local community teaching Yoga, music, cooking and languages classes, doubtfull to keep the MSc “Plant, Food Sciences and Environmental Biotechnology”, decided to divulge its holistic wisdom as Kindle Self-Publisher (KDP) on Amazon, in the santosha of holding a Ba degree in “Biological Sciences” got with honours and awareness of the need for tools only for going ahead in the R&D. Engineering design has been advertising on Instructables like the “Telepika” ongoing campaign for raising the funds for a patent it with the ‘World Intellectual Property Organization’, iter hoping would not be ended in the afterlife. Nevertheless, between the Bachelor and the Master, he traveled in Switzerland, UK and Cyprus joining permaculture, agro-forestry, aquaponics, phytoremediation projects in countryside’s developing communities, organic farms, designing environmental and wellness architectures, increasing his awareness through Yoga and Shamanism spiritual healing retreats, giving then ‘HolYoga’ workshops in Denmark and Germany, both in private estates and in public festivals.

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